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Bedford Funding offers flexible capital solutions for complex situations in the software and IT services sectors. We invest capital to assist managers to execute transformative strategies, including consolidation, without reliance on the availability of debt. Our methodical but aggressive approach is built on our deep operational understanding of the needs of these specific businesses, and our solutions are carefully crafted by highly experienced technology professionals.

Bedford has focused on the following segments in the software space: Human Capital Management, Enterprise Social Software, and Healthcare Software. Bedford has made five acquisitions, and its Peoplefluent subsidiary produces an integrated suite of talent management software. It also invested in Voalte, a healthcare communications company.

In choosing what sector to invest in, Bedford uses several criteria. These are:

  • Has prospects for modest growth or better
  • Is fragmented and ripe for consolidation, will benefit from significant change and without a surviving dominant player
  • Is unlikely to be subject to rapid obsolescence, has a significant percentage in recurring revenue

Bedford continues to examine new prospects in human capital management, enterprise social, healthcare IT and other sectors.

Here, in brief, are the major trends we anticipate, and the opportunity at hand.