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Bedford Funding does not solicit or accept investments from any investors and only invests its own partners' money

Bedford Funding has made the following investments:

Healthcare Communications
M MDLIVE is a leading provider of integrated virtual health services, offering online and on-demand health care that benefits consumers, employers, payers, hospitals, physician practice groups and accountable care organizations. Bedford Funding invested in the company in June 2015.  

Voalte develops smartphone alternatives that simplify caregiver communication. Bedford Funding invested in the company in February 2014.  

Video Collaboration
KZO Innovations, a Reston, VA-based leading video content management and delivery provider, was acquired in April 2013. (View Press Release)


Watch Bedford Funding Managing Partner Charles S. Jones discuss video collaboration:

Enterprise Social
Socialtext, a Palo Alto, CA--based producer of business collaboration with enterprise social networking software, was acquired in May 2012. (View Press Release)


Human Capital Management
Strategia, a Montreal, Quebec-based producer of learning management software, was acquired in January 2012. (View Press Release)


Aquire, an Irving, TX-based producer of workforce planning and analysis software, was acquired in April 2011. (View Press Release)


Peopleclick, a Raleigh, NC-based producer of recruiting management, vendor management, and workforce compliance software, was acquired in December 2009. (View Press Release).


Authoria, a Waltham, MA-based producer of talent management software, was acquired in September 2008. (View Press Release).


Bedford Funding has created Peoplefluent by assembling talent management offerings into a unified suite, which is transforming talent management through its best-of-breed suite technology and expertise, under the leadership of Bedford Funding.

Mobile Platform

Peoplefluent has developed a nmarket leading Talent Management solutions for the iPad:

IDC's Opinion:
"The Fluency on the Move suite being announced by Peoplefluent today is unlike anything I have seen among the current set of mobile products in the Talent Management marketplace today. With Fluency on the Move, the Company has designed applications that truly meet the interface, accessibility and ease-of-use requirements of today's managers on the move," said Lisa Rowan, Program Director for HR, Talent and Learning Strategies Research for IDC, June 27, 2011.

"In line with the Company's name change this week, this product suite is a true representation of mobile fluency." -- Lisa Rowan, IDC, June 27, 2011.

Bersin's Opinion:
"Ultimately, one of the greatest values of Talent Management software is its ability to deliver actionable information about people to line managers and executives -- essentially making the organization 'fluent about the people' part of the business," said Josh Bersin, CEO and President of Bersin & Associates, June 27, 2011.

"Peoplefluent has always had one of the most powerful and complete solutions for workforce analytics and decision making, so the new name captures this strength of helping organizations unlock and leverage knowledge about their people." -- Josh Bersin, Bersin & Associates, June 27, 2011

Ventana's Opinion:
"For more than a decade, Peoplefluent Compensation has been regarded as a premier solution used to help companies increase accuracy and cut down time on planning and administering salaries, incentives, and stock rewards, to best retain and reward employees. The company continues to invest in Peoplefluent Compensation to further expand the breadth of capability, most recently adding mobile solution applications which have emerged as a key differentiator that enhances usability." -- Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research.

Gartner's Opinion:
"[Peoplefluent] has more than 250 customers using its e-recruitment product. Peoplefluent has strong U.S. compliance capabilities and good consulting services. In addition to e-recruiting, Peoplefluent offers a broad suite of talent management applications. Peoplefluent delivers its solution via a SaaS model only. Peoplefluent is well-suited for large complex, multinational corporations." -- Market Guide for E-Recruitment Solutions, Feb 9, 2012, by Thomas Otter, James Holincheck, and Jeff Freyermuth.