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Bedford Funding does not solicit or accept investments from any investors and only invests its own partners' money

Bedford Funding has made the following investments:

Bedford Funding II Investments

Illustrative Private Investments

Healthcare Communications Software Sector

A Leader in Telehealth

MDLIVE Inc. is a visionary and pioneer in the digital delivery of high-quality, convenient, cost-efficient virtual care for medical, dermatological and behavioral health conditions. The company provides consumers, health plans, health systems and self-insured employers with 24/7/365 access to its network of board-certified doctors and licensed therapists via secure online video, and phone through the MDLIVE service and technology platform. Bedford Funding invested in the company in June 2015. In 2017, Canaccord estimated that the addressable market for telemedicine is over $30 billion. Charles Jones, Managing Partner and Founder of Bedford Funding, currently serves as the Chairman of MDLIVE.  

A Leader in Caregiver Communications

Voalte develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication. Ranked number-one and named 2017 Category Leader in the Best in KLAS: Software & Services report for the Secure Communications Platform segment, Voalte is the only company to offer a comprehensive Mobile Communication Strategy that enables care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely. Bedford Funding invested in the company in February 2014, and made a follow-on investment in April 2015. Charles Jones, Managing Partner and Founder of Bedford Funding, currently serves as the Chairman of Voalte.  

KZO Innovations offers an enterprise video content management platform used to capture, manage, and distribute video content and recently launched a sales communication tool. (View Press Release)



Bedford Funding I Investments

Fund Fully Liquidated

HCM (Human Capital Management) Software Sector
Socialtext, a Palo Alto, CA--based producer of business collaboration with enterprise social networking software, was acquired in May 2012. (View Press Release). Enterprise social network and business collaboration software. Through proven technology that has earned breakthrough user adoption rates, Socialtext delivers a broad range of applications that make existing enterprise software intrinsically more social. This social layer brings social networking tools, microblogging capabilities, dashboards, social profiles, private and public workspaces and wikis, among a range of features, to multiple organizations, staff levels and functions, as well as to prospects, clients and customers, serving to break down traditional organizational hierarchies and foster collaboration. This prolific, familiar and easy to-use social platform fuels best ideas and innovation through social collaboration that meets employees in their own user environments, whether that is on their smart phones or on their desktop, in an airplane or in a conference room. Within PeopleFluent, Socialtext's technology became a key component of the Productivity Platform.


KZO Innovations, based in Reston, VA offers an enterprise video content management platform used to capture, manage, and distribute video content and recently launched a sales communication tool. (View Press Release)


Aquire, an Irving, TX-based producer of workforce planning and analysis software, was acquired in April 2011. (View Press Release) Aquire offers powerful visualization capabilities within a data-intense technical environment. With highly graphical and flexible analytics and planning applications - from organizational charting to workforce planning, succession planning and data integrity - the company delivers the ability to collaboratively model current and desired states of an organizational structure. These solutions give customers a strategic differentiator in understanding and assessing the most critical and complex elements of their organizations, so they can make precise and informed decisions about the business to affect real-time, proactive, impactful change.


Peopleclick, a Raleigh, NC-based producer of recruiting management, vendor management, and workforce compliance software, was acquired in December 2009. (View Press Release). Peopleclick provides software and services that empower companies around the world to find, attract and hire quality people -- in less time, with less risk. Peopleclick's technology, consulting expertise and support give companies the vision and flexibility to strategically manage all of their talent resources -- whether they are salaried, hourly or contingent.


Authoria, a Waltham, MA-based producer of talent management software, was acquired in September 2008. Producer of the first integrated suite for talent management. (View Press Release). Authoria helps the world's most competitive employers achieve superior business results, by optimizing the way they recruit, develop, compensate, retain, and engage top talent. Designed for business managers as well as HR professionals, the company's comprehensive talent management solutions enable more effective recruiting, performance management, compensation management, and succession planning across an organization.


Strategia, a Montreal, Quebec-based producer of learning management software, was acquired in January 2012. (View Press Release). Strategia specializes in the design, development and implementation of innovative Web-based learning, skills and compliance management solutions. A hallmark of the Strategia approach is a close working relationship with every client, with the overriding goal of improving the productivity and business performance of their people. The company is passionate about technology -- and committed to Learning excellence. Strategia makes learning more effective and helps link employee training with the organization's bottom line. The company's passion for learning excellence has fueled continuous innovation into the development of Ed, an award-winning learning management system that simplifies and accelerates learning via a user-friendly and extremely configurable platform.


Bedford Funding created Peoplefluent by assembling talent management offerings into a unified suite, which transformed talent management through its best-of-breed suite technology and expertise, under the leadership of Bedford Funding. In May 2018, Bedford Funding sold PeopleFluent.

Gartner's Opinion
(Gartner rated PeopleFluent as the #1 Talent Management Suite provider):

"PeopleFluent's scoring was aided by above-average customer reference ratings for reporting and analytics, product satisfaction, and vendor-customer relationship satisfaction. Recent updates continue to build out administrative and managerial efficiencies, user experience, reporting, and mobile capabilities."

"PeopleFluent's recruiting, onboarding, performance management and compensation solutions are rated Excellent." -- Ron Hanscome, Jeff Freyermuth, Yvette Cameron and Helen Poitevin of Gartner

Aragon's Opinion:
"PeopleFluent was a pioneer in and has continued to lead the market in video-based learning."

"Recognizing this, Aragon is pleased to honor PeopleFluent with our 2017 Innovator for Learning award. The combination of on-demand learning, embedded micro-learning, formal instruction, social interactions, mentoring, and video content delivery make PeopleFluent's Learning solution a robust and modern experience for users." -- Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research, December 2017

Ventana's Opinion:
"PeopleFluent's total compensation management solution is able to not just plan but actually manage and execute compensation processes from HR to managers. The company's highest score is in Manageability thanks to its focus on administration of the compensation process. It demonstrates connectivity from compensation to other applications in its talent management suite of applications including recruiting, performance management and succession planning." -- Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research, December 2016

IDC's Opinion:
"According to IDC analysis and buyer perception, PeopleFluent is an IDC MarketScape Leader worldwide in integrated talent management. The company is a good fit for enterprises that need a sophisticated talent management solution with consumer-grade usability and have strong features for collaboration capabilities. The system delivers a personalized and collaborative experience that drives improved talent engagement and business performance." -- Lisa Rowan, research vice president, HR, Talent, and Learning Strategies, IDC.