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    George M. Regnery, Principal

    George M. Regnery was previously Director of Research, Acquisition Analysis, and Financial Assessment at Geac, reporting directly to the CEO. He advised the Board and senior management on potential acquisitions, corporate strategy, and on the company's performance relative to its peers. Mr. Regnery prepared detailed financial analyses, and developed software to perform a thorough analysis of all of Geac's divisions and compare these divisions to relevant competitors. Prior to joining Geac, Mr. Regnery was Director of Internet Strategy at Wright Investors' Service, where he developed, authored and maintained websites to analyze financial data. Mr. Regnery was also previously a Managing Director at First Funding Corporation, where he worked with Mr. Jones on various mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Regnery also worked at Reuters, where he wrote computer programs to analyze the data integrity of fixed income databases at Reuters. Mr. Regnery has an M.B.A. from the University of Rochester and a B.S. in Operations Research at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. Mr. Regnery also studied at the Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung (Koblenz School of Corporate Management) in Koblenz, Germany.